This is Quiny

The real quinoa drink

Quiny is made of the best quinoa in the world, nothing else. Pure white royal Quinoa from the Andean highlands in Bolivia.

No sweet badness

No added sugar

We are proud of our product and it tastes good therefore we dont add any extra sweeteners. This makes for a healthier drink.


Mmmh, chocolate

Two different flavors

We love our Quiny and it tastes great, but chocolate, you can't argue with chocolate. Our chocolate drink is awesome and of course we only added cocoa, no sugar or strange stuff.

Quiny with no water!

For those who want and need we have also developed a process to dry Quiny with all the nutritious parts still being there - but just no water. This high-end process makes the powder instant and you can add it in whatever you feel adding it in! - maybe your own private innovation?

Seriously, who are we?

Quiny is a product concept made from Bolivian quinoa grown by farmers from the Chonacota community south of Las Paz in Bolivia. You can find Quiny both as drinks and as instant powder.

Science and cooperation

Swebol develops, produces and sells the Quiny-concept. Swebol is a result of a long-term research collaboration between Sweden, Bolivia and the two universities: Lund University in Lund, Sweden and UMSA, San Andes University in La Paz, Bolivia.


If you are in Europe and would like to have further Quiny talks, discussions and maybe some laughs, please contact:

Swebol AB
Scheelevägen 22
22363 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 46 163940
Mobile: +46 708 76 10 65

If you're closer to South America, why don’t stop by this address instead:

Swebol SRL.
Av. Del Escultor N°14 Calle 42 de Cota Cota
La Paz - Bolivia